AU Drench 369g

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AU Drench 369g

We put the power of Allantoin and Urea in your hands!



  • You determine the % that is correct for your client
  • Look at the ingredients… Allantoin and Urea
  • There are no "fillers" in Drench!
  • Made from 100% AU complex... "Our potent ingredient that delivers a shot of pure moisture to the skin" Use in the foot bath (or bath or rinse your scalp with it!)



  • Skin protectant: used since ancient times to soothe, reduce irritation and promote healing
  • Stimulates cellular renewal
  • Super moisturizing for the skin
  • Soothing to the skin and anti-inflammatory


  • Moisture magnet for the skin
  • Draws moisture into the epidermis and retains it there
  • Anti (transient) microbial properties
  • Promotes skin repair and has anti-inflammatory properties

Use a teaspoon of AU DRENCH with SOAK-A-LYPTUS in the foot bath
Helpful hint: For dry feet and split heels, use a double dose of AU DRENCH

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