Bougie Parfumée Black Pastèque Ananas

Article number: Bougie Parfumée Black Pastèque Ananas
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Each scented candle from MARC INBANE is poured into the glassware in different layers in a traditional way and with precision.
As a result, the scent is emitted evenly until the end of the burning time.
Made from organic wax, so that no harmful substances are released during the roasting process.
Bougie Parfumée is available in 4 scents, with a choice of black or white glazing for each scent:

• Oriental Boisé (woody)
• Tabac Cuir (amber)
• Pastèque Pineapple (sweet)
• Scandy Chic (powdery)

Good for 50 delicious burning hours.
Treat yourself or someone else to a feeling of pure indulgence

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