CBD Elixir 15ml

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CBD Elixir 15ml

Super hydrating treatment oil full of CBD


  • Super moisturizing treatment oil packed with CBD (contains 4% CBD distillate) to use from head to toe te
  • Use directly on the skin or as an addition to the soak, scrub and massage steps
  • A fantastic home care product
  • Pssst… Linda Nordstrom uses this 2-3 times a week on her face to super hydrate and soften!


Organic Hemp Seed Oil

  • Perfect carrier for CBD
  • Contains vitamins C, A, E and gamma-linolenic acid to protect the skin from premature aging
  • Reduces dry skin (increases hydration) and helps reduce skin inflammation
  • Helps strengthen the skin barrier
  • Antibacterial & Antioxidant
  • Sustainably grown

CBD Distillate: Contains 4% CBD

    • Known for health benefits
    • Can provide pain relief for muscles and joints
    • Rich in antioxidants
    • Has antibacterial properties
    • Contains vitamins A and B
    • Can provide relief from inflammation
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