Celina Ryden agenda 2023

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“My Nail Planner – finding the balance between work and self-care”. A nail planner that not only
helps you with your business, but also encourage you to take care of yourself.
“Most of my life I have always put everything else before me and I know that this is how most nail techs live. I
wanted to create a planner that is encouraging you to be a boss but at the same time in a loving way towards
yourself. I share not only my best business tips, but also advice on how to break up with clients, morning rituals
tips, quick yoga/stretch poses you can do at work, how important it is to take breaks, have lunch and
scheduling self-care time. I want this planner to be your best friend at the salon who cares about your wellbeing and telling you it’s ok to also take breaks and focus on yourself.

In addition to these products, in the "Nail Planner" you will also receive a website link and a password to get
access to exclusive content including morning yoga videos, morning ritual videos, breathing exercises (all with
Celina, a former professional dancer and gymnastics coach) and other fun bonuses to help you get more
in harmony with yourself.
“It's so surreal to think that almost two years ago I had an idea to make three items that would help nail technicians
and creative people - and now that thought is something physical that I can hold in my hand! It reminds me of
a Disney quote, "if you can dream it, you can do it", and I hope that not only the products themselves, but also
this journey and how it came to life will inspire others to visualize your dreams and make them come true.”

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