Celina Rydén “Nail Cards”.

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“Nail Cards”.

The ultimate tool to fight creativity blocks and grow as an artist and your own creative
thought process.
“Do whatever you want”. Have you ever been in a situation where you need to come up with something super
creative on the spot and your brain conveniently decides to close up and leave for the day? That is how the idea
of this card deck came to life. Whenever you need a creative helping hand, pull out this deck and magically feel
the inspiration returning.
The card deck is divided into five sections: 20 color cards, 20 word cards, 20 element cards, 4 shape cards and 3
accent cards. Together they will help youi create something unique for every nail set! This deck has been
designed and hand-drawn by me and includes my signature style inspired by bohemian elements. With this
deck you’ll be challenged to try out new exciting ways to spark your creativity and the combinations are
It’s a deck that is not only telling you what to do, but it’s also meant to help grow your own creative thought
process though visual inspiration and grow as an artist. Use it together with your client or on your own
together with the design book to prepare sets for the week or for those creative block days.”

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