Cinnatize 946ml

Article number: Cinnatize 946ml
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Deep cleaning disinfectant. Roughening of the nails is no longer necessary, but removal of the cuticle on the nail plate is.

Removes germs.

Contains natural cinnamon extract, legendary for its ability to fight surface bacteria.

After use, no "chalky white" remains on the soft tissue.

Environmentally friendly preservative based on citrus fruits.

Revitalizing cinnamon scent.

Made in the USA


How to use:
Apply a drop of Cinnatize to a cellulose swab and scrub the nail plate and surrounding soft tissues thoroughly with firm pressure before applying other nail products.
This one drop is sufficient for 5 nails!
After you have applied this product, you no longer need to file and / or buff the natural nail.
A very fat win-win of course!
This will save the natural nail anyway since you don't thin it out, plus, it saves you time!

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