Dadi'Oil 14.3ml

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CB Dadi' Oil

Jim Nordstrom has done his best to create the best natural hemp containing oil for external use on skin, body and nails.

Research has shown that CB-Dadi' Oil can be useful:

  • For sore muscles and joints
  • With feelings of discomfort
  • For keeping the skin soft and supple
  • Due to its powerful antioxidants

CB-Dadi' Oil contains a generous amount of CBD, which

  • Extracted from the hemp plant
  • Has been used for thousands of years
  • Known for promoting health

CB-Dadi' Oil consists of

  • Same content as the so successful Dadi' Oil
  • Supplemented with CBD from hemp, which makes the color slightly darker
  • No less than 100 mg CBD per 15 ml Dadi' Oil
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