Gel Polish Fire Red

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Lilly Nails Gel Polish
Works in both UV- and LED lamp.

Instructions for Use

Use a buffer block to buff the natural nails slightly. cleanse the nail plate. 
Apply Superbond and let dry 20 seconds, Apply 1 layer of Gel Polish Base/Top coat and cure for 2 min in a 36Watt UV light or 40 sec in Lilly Nails UV/led light. a slight sticky layer will remain. 
Apply 1 layer of GelPolish Color and cure, repeat with a second layer and cure. 
Apply a last layer of Gel Polish Base/Top coat and cure for 2 min/40sec.
Clean the nails with cleanser. 
Finish with Lilly Nails cuticle Oil and hand cream to moisture the skin and cuticles.

Recommend the customer to use cuticle oil regularly for a durable and good looking result.

Acrylic & Natural Nails

Apply a thin layer of superbond after prep. Allow to dry for 20sec. 
Then follow Instructions for Use 

Gel nails

Wipe clean with cleanser after filing. 
Then follow Instructions for Use.

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