Gel Polish, Pastel Pink

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Gel Polish, Pastel Pink

Use a buffer block for the natural nails to buff lightly.
Clean the nail plate.
Apply Superbond and let it air dry for 20 seconds.

USE: apply 1 layer of Gel Polish Base / Top coat and cure for 2 min. In a 36 Watt UV light or 40 sec in Lilly Nails UV / LED light. an adhesive layer remains.
Apply 1 coat of GelPolish color and cure, repeat with a second coat and cure again.
Apply a final coat of Gel Polish Base / Top coat and cure, 2 min / 40 sec.
Clean the nails with Cleanser.
Finish with Lilly Nails cuticle oil and hand cream.

Advise the customer to use cuticle oil regularly for a durable and good looking result.

Acryl nails
Apply a thin layer of superbond after prep.
Let it dry for 20sec. Follow the instructions for use in APPLICATION:

Gel nails
Wipe clean with cleanser after filing.
Follow the instructions for use in APPLICATION.

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