Gel Polish Tinted Love

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Gel Polish Tinted Love

Highly durable Gel Polish that cures in both UV and LED lamps. For both natural and built nail. Compatible with all Lilly Nails systems.

Tinted Love is a light pink/nude Gel Polish. If you like Naked, you'll get a new favorite - this one with a pink hue. Perfect as a nail bed color for Tip & Design and manicure.

Instructions for application, built-in nail:
Build the nail in any material: acrylic, gel or Invicta. Shape the nail and dust off with Lilly Nails Dust Brush. Then apply an even and thin layer of Gel Polish and cure for 40 seconds in Lilly Nails UV / LED lamp. Repeat with another layer. Finish with one of our top coats: Top Coat I'm Matte, I'm Glossy or High Shine.

Instructions for application, natural nail:
Prepare the nail with Superbond. Continue with Gel Polish Base / Top or Gel Polish Structure Base to help you shape / build a top. Cure for 40 seconds in Lilly Nails UV / LED lamp. Then apply an even and thin layer of Gel Polish and let it cure for 40 seconds. Repeat with another layer. Apply Gel Polish Base / Top and cure.
Wipe the nail with Cleanser for a shiny result.

Please note that our Gel Polish and UV / LED lamp have been developed as a system that together guarantees lasting results if curing times are adhered to. We therefore recommend using our Gel Polish together with our UV / LED lamp. Our durability guarantee only applies to this combination.

Tip! Advise the customer to use Lilly Nails cuticle oil regularly for a long-lasting and beautiful result.
The oil is available in 10-packs for extra sale in your salon and per piece in 10 and 40 ml in two delicious scents: Citrus, Lily Flower, Blossom.

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