High Shine Top Coat

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Read the High Shine instructions for use carefully.

TIP: For best results and even longer shine, double the curing time.

· Topcoat for Acrylic, Gel & Gel Polish with structure base as a base, on artificial nails.
· Not for use with gel polish on natural nails, use the base & top coat.
· Topcoat that gives a brilliant shine for up to 4 weeks.
· Store it in a dark, cool place and make sure it is not too close to or under the UV or UV/LED lamp.
· Cure in UV 3 to 4 minutes, in UV/LED from Lilly Nails 2 x 1 minute.

The High Shine is not suitable for CCFL and/or LED and works best with the Lilly Nails UV/LED lamp. However, customers indicate that in CCFL/LED it also works if you keep the nails in the lamp a little longer. If the high shine is used in other lamps, all warranty will be void.

Apply thinly. After applying the high shine, DO NOT touch this again, no cleanser, no alcohol, nothing at all, let it rest for a while and then only apply some oil to the cuticles.
High Shine must cool down, so if it looks "dull", it has not cooled down correctly, rinse the nails under a cold tap and the shine will return.

High shine on artificial nails.
1. Make the nails as you normally would
2. If necessary, apply a gel polish as desired
3. Apply a thin layer of high shine, let it cure in UV 2x 2 minutes and in the Lilly Nails UV/LED lamp 2x 1 minute
4. Let the nails cool down for a while
5. Apply cuticle oil and/or hand cream. If the shine is reduced slightly by the hand cream, clean the nail again with a dry cellulose swab.

High Shine in combination with Chrome - Holographic - Mirror effect

1. Build and shape the nails.
2. Apply the desired color of gel polish and let it harden
3. Apply the High Shine top coat, work with a maximum of 1 to 2 nails at a time, cure for 40 seconds in the UV/LED lamp, 1 to 1.5 minutes UV lamp.
4. Apply the Chrome with the applicator. Make the nail dust-free after application.
5. Finish with a layer of High Shine top coat, cure 2x 60 sec in the UV/LED lamp, 2x 2 minutes UV lamp.

  • Gel and Gel Polish are still active when they come out of the lamp. Wait a while before applying the High Shine or first apply a layer of superbond, or clean the nail or apply base/top coat if you have problems applying the High Shine.
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