Hyaluronic Self-Tan Spray (100ml)

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HYALURONIC SELF-TAN SPRAY The world's 1st tanning spray enriched with 3rd generation Hyaluronic Acid SLMW for extremely hydrated and soft skin. The vegan self-tanner creates a tanning result within 1 minute and up to 9 days!

This penetrates into the deeper skin layers and therefore stays on for about 9 days. You apply the spray with the Kabuki or powder brush. We recommend using it only on the face in combination with the mouse for the body.

• Nourishing & silky soft formula without alcohol
• Tanning by aerobic fermentation of raspberries
• Contains the exclusive ingredient Arlasolve ™ for ultimate absorption and distribution of the spray and to blend it beautifully with your natural skin tone
• Patented 4-channel mist activator for even nebulization on the skin
• Bag-on-Valve system: no preservatives required for a longer shelf life, no contamination possible and eco-friendly
• No root effect and no typical self-tan scent
• Dries quickly and without stains
• Suitable for all skin types and skin tones
• One bottle can be used up to 30 times for the face or up to 5 times for the whole body
• Allowed in your hand luggage


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