IBX training November 20, 2021

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IBX practical training November 20, 2021
Webinar theory November 9 (online)

IBX is a New & Revolutionary two-part system that serves to repair damaged nails and strengthen natural nails.

IBX can be used under all soakable gel products to protect the natural nail. IBX can also be used to strengthen natural nails so that naturally weak nails can also grow long without applying an artificial nail!

IBX is one of a kind! This penetrating and strengthening system works inside the nail instead of on top. IBX is cured with LED or UV light and forms a network in the upper layers of the nail, connecting these layers together.

The result is a firmer and more flexible nail. A nail that can grow long without applying a top coat, but is also protected against the potentially harmful effects of regular removal of gel.

See this description for more information about IBX. Also watch the introduction video . Before applying IBX , it is important to have attended a workshop and to thoroughly study the instructions for use.

What to expect
• IBX training incl. starter package, exam, Certificate and listing on the Salon Finder of Gorge Nails (Famous Names importer Benelux)
• IBX Training for professionals.
• IBX ™ is a revolutionary two-part system that works IN the nail.
• It repairs damaged nails, strengthens weak and thin nails and protects natural nails under any Soak off Gels.
• During the IBX Training, the system will be extensively treated and explained and the various treatment options with the IBX system will be explained.
• Practical experiences are also discussed.
This training is 2-part!!!
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