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Famous Names has launched the imix, a solution designed to ease the burden of shaking and separating thick paint.
This hands-free color mixing innovation is suitable for all gel polish and lacquer formulations. Imix is ​​easy to use and effortlessly blends polishes using the unique Imix mixers for perfect, streak-free results.

Why choose imix?

Can be used with any gel polish or lacquer formula
Provides hands-free mixing, ensures wrist health, relieves carpal tunnel syndrome and saves time
Improves the consistency of polishing formulas for a flawless application
Combines nail products for true and even color application
Reduces wasted polish meaning you can treat many more customers per bottle Programmable lighting display
Complete with 10 free mixers, a miXtractor and a 5 meter USB cable, plus how-to information
Additional mixers available in packs of 20 and 50
miXers can be easily removed from the bottle with the miXtractor and placed in a new bottle of the same color
With USB charger. Imix only works when left in the charger.

TIP: Remove your brush from your gel polish while mixing.

Frequently asked questions about the Imix

How to use:
Drop a mixer into the chosen bottle
Place the bottle on the imix launch pad.
Tap the power imix button and watch the customizable colors change as the imix mixes and polish (or gel) develops to its true color.
Start painting.

Linda Nordstrom, co-founder of Famous Names, said, “imix is ​​a color mix for mixing lacquer and gel polish for the savvy nail professional.
Not only does this device blend beautifully for an absolutely flawless application, but it also takes pressure off the wrist and relieves the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTP).
The clean and simple design fits into any salon decor and fits neatly on nail tables for an unprecedented mixing experience! "

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