Mirror, Gold

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Mirrod is chromium rubbed onto the nail surface.
Chrome creates a shiny foil-metallic look.
Emphasize the shine with our High Shine Top Coat or Top Coat I'm Glossy for the ultimate gold-colored nails.

Apply a coat of any color you like and then a thin coat of High Shine Top Coat or I'm Glossy, but only do 1-2 nails at a time. Cure for 40 seconds in UV/LED lamp. Then rub the chrome with an applicator. Finish with another layer of top coat.

Tip for better durability - a single filing stroke along the sideline or a small dab of Superbond on top of the chrome will give better adhesion to the final layer of top coat.

Packaging and quantity/weight:
1.3 grams packed in our smallest Diamond Jar. Please note that the contents may decrease in volume during transport.

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