Mouth mask / Mask 10 pieces 4 layers

Article number: Face Mask Medical 4-layers 10
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CE-marked disposable medical mask with elastic strap and adjustable noseband. Prevents particles in the exhaled air and reduces the risk of infection spreading with proper hygienic treatment.


Wash your hands before and after using a mouthguard.

Remember not to touch the mouth mask with your hands before, during or after use.

The mouth mask should cover the nose, mouth and chin and should not leave any gaps on the sides.

When donning and doffing, only touch the straps and dispose of immediately in closed containers to prevent the spread of infectious viruses and bacteria.

Note: The conditions of pandemic in our world and the increase in mouthguard production means that there is a lack of reliable tests and guidelines on how often to replace a face mask. It also differs for different application areas. Therefore, change as often as you feel the face mask getting damp. Only use face masks with CE marking.

Certified according to: MDD 93/42 / EEC 2007/47 / EC Class I.
CE No. CE016110 / 0320

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