Taking care of artificial nails

Tips & Maintenance of nails and artificial nails.

If you have artificial nails you do not have to do a lot of maintenance, but it does require some care, below you can read what you should and should not do.

  1. Massage your cuticles at least 2x a day with cuticle oil.
  2. Artificial nails are not tools, so do not use them. Also try to avoid unnecessary pressure on the artificial nails by using the sides of your fingers as much as possible. They are not can openers
  3. Have your artificial nails treated in time. On average after 3 weeks, this to prevent, among other things, breaking the artificial nails.
  4. If you hit the nails a lot then this is a sign that they are too long. Have your nails filed shorter by the specialist.
  5. Let the nail technician do the work. If a nail breaks or starts to lift, make a recovery appointment. Never try to repair your nails yourself. In the case of improper gluing, moisture can penetrate between the natural nail and the artificial nail and cause nasty infections!
  6. Never cut artificial nails, they can crack! Apart from the fact that this can be very painful, it is also very bad for your natural nails. The only responsible way to make artificial nails shorter is filing.
  7. Never pull artificial nails off your nails. You pull the top layer of the nail plate. This is one of the reasons that people often call artificial nails bad, no improper handling of artificial nails, that is bad for your nails.
  8. For both short and long artificial nails, it is important to keep the undersides clean as well, because this is a breeding ground for bacteria. The easiest way to clean is a manicure brush or a toothbrush, and to lubricate with oil, where there is no moisture, where there is no moisture, no bacteria can come.
  9. If you want to paint your nails, always use a base coat first. Otherwise, the pigments in the lacquer can be drawn into your artificial nail.
  10. Remove nail polish only with remover without acetone .
  11. Resting nails to make them breathe is nonsense, nails are made of Keratin and that does not live, nails do not breathe, have no lungs.

If you follow these points you will enjoy your nails for longer, and if you still have questions please contact Lilly Nails .