Nailart beads / caviar Gold

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Metal caviar beads for nail decoration.

Used to make so-called "caviar nails" or to decorate rhinestones and flowers
to create an even more beautiful effect.
the new caviar beads from Lilly Nails are solid colored, so there is no loss of color.

Application of caviar beads: we recommend placing them in the structure base.
apply where you want the beads with a small brush structure base, pick up the beads with a rhinestone picker and place them in the structure base. Remove any excess structure base with a clean brush.
You can also use them as an inlay.

Tip : if you want to lay a straight line, put the beads down and just before you enter the lamp put something straight against it, for example a spatula.

There are 3 sizes of caviar beads you can choose from:
0.08 mm
1 mm
1.5 mm



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