Perfection training by Wilma Peeters June 26, 2021

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As the name implies, this training is intended for nail technicians who want to put the finishing touches on their applications.

During this training you have the opportunity to work on problem areas that you encounter in the salon with technical support from Wilma.

  • We start at 10:00 am.
  • Lunch is provided.
  • Not a model, you work on your own hands.
  • Certificate

Who is Wilma?
Wilma has been the owner of Future Nails since 2000, this is a nail salon and they also offer nail stylist training and are a distributor of the Lilly Nails brand.

She is always working to get the most out of her work and to work out new fun things for her clients and students. In addition to this beautiful profession that she can perform for her loyal customers, she has a hobby to participate in Nail competitions, here she can use her creativity, which she thinks is very cool to do. She has been active in this for 4 years and has participated in various competitions and with success!
So far she has won 20 cups in different categories that she and we are very proud of

Wilma: "I would like to share my passion and creativity with my clients and students.

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