Perseus - Sparkling Rubber Base SRB05

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Perseus - Sparkling Rubber Base SRB05

Sparkling Rubber Base - Rubber base with pieces of cut holographic foil
You don't have to reach for the sky to touch the stars... Just grab the Sparkling Rubber Base!
Enter the MAKEAR system, the glow of which guarantees you a spectacular manicure.
The Sparkling Rubber Base collection consists of 6 colors of rubber bases, enriched with particle-cut holographic foil, giving the whole a cosmic character and shine.
Don't look for the stars in the sky. Choose Sparkling Rubber Base and become the brightest star in the constellation!

The main features of the Sparkling rubber base:

It speeds up work - one product replaces the two previously used!
It is flexible - it interacts with the nail, making it resistant to chipping or damage.
Due to its thick consistency, it perfectly smoothes an uneven or damaged nail plate.
A perfectly shaped brush ensures easy application of the product even in problematic areas such as the area around the nail plate;
After curing in the lamp, it does not need to be filed.


Color: Glitter
Consistency: thick
Content: 8ml
Strong acid product
LED lamp min. 1min. UV lamp 2min.

MAKEAR ™ is a brand that constantly surprises its customers, making it a leader in innovation.
MAKEAR™ hybrid nail polishes are made from the highest quality components to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.
Deep color saturation, wide and varied colors and durability made Makear a leader among the existing brands.

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