Preciosa Regal Faerie Ice Queen

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Preciosa Regal Faerie is the more refined version of sister product Crystal Faerie.
Regal Faerie consists of small faceted cubic zirconia stones that are unmatched in both brilliance and durability.

Apply to nails
The crystals It is best to apply to gel polish or gel before curing, we recommend the structure base as the best gel polish to cure the Faerie in.
Exposure to UV radiation does not affect the gloss or durability of the crystal.

Packaging & grams
A bottle contains 12 gr of crystals

Preciosa is a world leading producer of cut crystal and is mainly specialized in the production of crystals, pearls and other fashion gems of the highest quality and in various shapes, colors and sizes.

Preciosa is known worldwide for its unique PRECIOSA® Hi-Pure CrystalTM technology. The PRECIOSA® Genuine Czech Crystal™ brand is a guarantee of the best quality of Preciosa Czech crystal.


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