Primer Non-Acid 15ml

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Acid-free primer (non-acid)

Primer with a much lower concentration of methacrylic acid, much softer,
The main ingredient is Ethyl Acetate Ester,
It is used under the gel or possibly hybrid mass, increases the adhesion of the applied mass,
avoid skin contact,
Our Acid-Free Primer does not leave a tacky layer, evaporates after some time, it must be applied before applying a hybrid base or gel,
Content: 15ml.

MAKEEAR™ is a brand that constantly surprises its customers, making it a leader in innovation.
MAKEAR™ paints are made from the highest quality components to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.
Deep color saturation, a wide and varied color gamut and durability have made Makear a leader among existing brands.

Makear Acid Free Primer is intended for professional use.

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