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Bright Prism


Try the new revolution in manicure! Our new innovative product - SFX Liquid (special liquid dust) that gives you the iridescent surface effect on your nails. SFX Liquid is an extremely innovative product that completely changes when working with speckles. Compared with traditional dust, it does not get dirty and does not scatter.
You can save time and it will give you a very pleasant experience. One of the main benefits of SFX fluid is its incredible efficiency. The smooth consistency allows you to apply the product precisely so you don't waste it.

Each bottle of SFX Liquid gives you more options than traditional dust. Bright Prism collection consists of 6 unique shades that transition into different colors. They give your manicure a beautiful shine. They look amazing on bright colors as they create special contrasts and lightning effects. Get ready for a manicure revolution with SFX Liquid!

Discover unlimited creativity and give your nails a unique iridescent color effect.
It leaves no dust
It is more efficient than average dust.
It saves you time
It gives you a spectacular iridescent effect.
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