Henna is growing enormously worldwide and is now seen as a beauty treatment in the salon!

Henna from Pavan

Henna has been around for 6,000 years and is used at various festivities.

Think of weddings, births, religious parties and nowadays it is a super beautiful decoration for festivals!

Meet Non-Toxic (PPD free) Henna van Pavan.

This product is 100% organic, is vegan friendly and has a very pleasant scent.

Pavan is in her 15th start with the wonderful designs during a wedding in the family.

She did this so well and liked it so much that she immediately had a new addiction.

In 2012 she broke the 'Guinness World of Records' and placed no less than 512 unique Henna bracelets within an hour (!!).

Pavan has now created its own style and runs several salons worldwide (Pavan's Henna bars are located in Dubai, New York, Milan, Paris and soon in the Netherlands).

She has also been able to provide various fashion shows and a collaboration with VIPs did not happen.

She has collaborated with Rudimental , Ellie Goulding, Perrie Edwards and Alesha Dixon .

She also takes care of the covers of Vogue in the Arab countries and Harper's Bazaar.

As mentioned, we work with Pavan Henna.

The henna of Pavan comes from the Henna bush (Lawsonia inermis), Pavan has had its own area created so that nature is not burdened with harvesting the plants in the wild.
The Henna obtained is mixed with essential oils and minerals so that it remains 100% natural and you cannot get skin irritations and / or allergic reactions.

“My goal is to make our unique and beautiful henna available to everyone, wherever they are in the world. I hope that henna treatments become a normal concept in the beauty sector. Blow dry? Manicure? Henna? Certainly! "