Structure base Clear

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Structure is a gel-polish base with a higher viscosity. You can even make an apex with this to give extra strength to natural nails with Gel Polish treatments.
In addition, the structure base can also be easily removed with the soak off.
Ideal for "problem nails" because the structure base smoothes the natural nails.

Use a buffer block to lightly buff the natural nails.
Clean the nail plate.
Apply Superbond and let dry for 20 seconds,
apply 1 layer of Gel polish structure base and hard, 2 min in a 36 Watt UV light or 40 sec in Lilly Nails UV / LED light.
A light sticky layer remains.
Apply 1 coat of Gel Polish and cure, repeat with a second coat.
Then apply the topcoat from Lilly Nails, 2 min / 40s ec.
Clean the nails with cleaning agent.
Finish with Lilly Nails cuticle oil and hand cream.

Advise the client to regularly use cuticle oil for a durable and good-looking result.
Acrylic & natural nails Apply a thin layer of superond after prep.
Allow to dry for 20 seconds.
Follow the instructions for use.
Gel nails Wipe clean with cleanser after curing to remove the sticky layer.

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