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we teach in Dutch and English.

FULL!!   New courses start on Thursday 6 February 2020.
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New courses start on Wednesday 12 February 2020.
register now via
[email protected]


For more information or an introduction you are very welcome.
Call or e-mail first so that we can schedule time for you.


Once you have started working on the nail, you will never want anything else!
When you are caught by the nail virus this will not let you go! Nail stylist is a practical, creative and social profession.
The contact with your customers, the countless possibilities, for example making people happier / more beautiful, working independently, combining your creativity with your profession.
But also being an entrepreneur, working when it suits you, for example when the children are attending school. Working from your own home, with low investment costs and yet having a fully-fledged company.

No day is the same when you choose this great course.

Why choose a course at Lilly Nails in the forest of courses?
Lilly Nails teaches small groups (max 6 students), so that everyone gets the attention he / she needs, so every student receives individual guidance.
Lilly Nails teaches according to the Swedish methodology, this is a way of training that has been voted the best form of training in Scandinavia for many years. The difference with other courses is that the theory is discussed in more detail here, including the recognition of various nail disorders, anatomy & pathology of the nail unit, hygiene in the salon and high demands are placed on the way of placing artificial nails.


Information about our teachers.
The Lilly Nails teachers are required to attend annual training sessions in Sweden at the Lilly Nails headquarters in order to retain our teacher license. The courses in Sweden have been voted best courses in Scandinavia several times.

2 teachers work at Lilly Nails in Purmerend. Both teachers have more than 10 years of experience and follow extra training courses at least 4x a year at home and abroad to provide you with the latest new techniques.

The lessons are from 9 to ....
We start with theory, that takes about an hour to 1.5 hours.
After that we will focus on practice and we will teach you how to place artificial nails in a responsible way so that you do not damage the natural nails.
The lessons take place once a week in Purmerend from 9 a.m. to about 4 p.m.


Of course we advise you to learn all the techniques so that you can provide every customer with the most beautiful and especially the best nails for that customer.
When do you place acrylic nails, when do gel nails and when Invicta?
It is not true that every customer who enters your salon can place gel nails or acrylic nails, this is due to various aspects of the natural nail, based on that you choose the best product for the customer.


Gel nails have long been known in the Netherlands,
gel is a pudding-like substance with a high viscosity, which behaves partly as a liquid and partly as a solid. Gel is and always remains flexible and moves with the natural nail. Gel only becomes a solid hard structure when you cure it in a UV / LED lamp.



Acrylic consists of a powder and a liquid, they cannot do anything separately. Acrylic cures due to heat and therefore does not need a UV / LED lamp.
Acrylic is hard and does not move with the natural nail.


What is Invicta?
Invicta is the newest innovation in the nail industry. Each brand has given it its own name, one of the other names is polygel.
Lilly Nails has developed Invicta.
Invicta is a combination between gel and acrylic, strong, flexible, nice to apply.
This product is a huge addition to the industry because it is odorless and softer to file, so fewer physical complaints
Many salons already offer this and this will become bigger and better. A true addition to current products. With this product you can for example easily work in a hair salon or beauty salon because it is odorless.
Do you want to be progressive?
Then choose a combination course where you learn all the techniques of our beautiful profession.




What are you going to learn?
You will learn the following below as standard at all Lilly Nails courses.

  • Anatomy & pathology of the nail unit
  • Placing templates
  • Posting tips
  • Mortification of the natural nail
  • Apply gel polish
  • Work hygienically and safely


  • Placing acrylic nails with tips and templates
  • Placing 1 color acrylic nails
  • Installation of a French manicure acrylic
  • Files of acrylic nails
  • Finish off acrylic nails with gel polish


  • Placing gel nails with tips and templates
  • Placing 1 color gel nails
  • Inserting a French manicure gel
  • Filing gel nails
  • Finish off gel nails with gel polish


  • Placing Invicta nails with tips and templates
  • Placing 1 color invicta nails
  • Placing a French manicure invicta
  • Filing invicta nails
  • Paint off Invicta nails with gel polish

AND we have 1 day in which you learn to work with glitter and some simple nail art.

We also discuss during the all-round

  • keep records / records,
  • salon management,
  • how to deal with customers / complaints.
  • Working with thermosplastics, environmental aspects with regard to chemicals
  • We go deeper into the products you work with
  • Determine prices
  • Create brand awareness
  • Social media training

Good to know

  • We teach you how to work with the hand file, not with an electric file. After your training you can come back for 1 day for a workshop working with an e-file.
  • You have lessons 1 day a week.
  • After registration you will receive (approximately 2 weeks before the start of the training) a schedule stating what you will do when and when and when you need models.
  • The starter package contains all the products you need for your education.
  • The tuition fee may be paid in installments (the number of installments depends on the study program you choose)
  • Starter package must be paid immediately after registration (will be ordered as soon as payment is received)
  • Registration is final as soon as we have received the payment of the starter package.



number of class days

price package

tuition fee


amount incl. discount when paying in 1 x

Acrylic Specialist


€ 499.00

€ 749.00

€ 1,248.00

€ 1,198.00

Gel Specialist


€ 499.00

€ 749.00

€ 1,248.00

€ 1,198.00

Invicta Specialist


€ 650.00

€ 749.00

€ 1,399.00

€ 1,349.00

All-round acrylic gel


€ 699.00

€ 999.00

€ 1,698.00

€ 1,623.00

All-round Gel Invicta


€ 699.00

€ 999.00

€ 1,698.00

€ 1,623.00

All-round acrylic gel invicta


€ 799.00

€ 1,049.00

€ 1,848.00

€ 1,773.00


Tuition fees may be paid in installments (the number of installments depends on the study program that you choose). The package must be paid at registration, at least 3 weeks before the start of the study program.

We have put together a package for you that you have more than satisfied during the course and you can certainly continue for a while even afterwards.

The above prices are exclusive of VAT .

You can register for the course as follows.

Send an email to [email protected]

In the email you put your name, address, email address, telephone number




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