Workshop Tip & Design November 7, 2021

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Do you have customers who temporarily want beautiful long nails?
For example, people who work in healthcare, or just want beautiful nails for a wedding or Christmas?

Then this is the ideal workshop for you.
With the Tip & Design, you immediately have a correct apex and lower arch, little filing and beautiful nails that your customer can remove after a party / holiday / Christmas etc.
Quickly and easily place beautiful nails that last 2 to 3 weeks.

During this workshop we will teach you how you can easily and quickly apply this to your customers.
You can choose a workshop including starter kit and exclusive starter kit.
If you choose inclusive, your package will be ready at the start of the workshop
and the workshop is only € 25.00 euros.

If you opt for exclusive, make sure you bring the correct products yourself.
We start at 10 o'clock
up to 6 people
model WITHOUT product needed on nails
Lunch & certificate included.

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