Summer 2022 collection Let's Samba

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Summer 2022 collection Let's Samba

Pink Attitude : A neon color reminiscent of hot summers and tropical nights.
The formula in Pink Attitude contains fluorescent ingredients and will react with light rays/ultraviolet light. This initially leads to a darker color on the nail. It then changes to the lighter correct color after about a day, as it should.

Amazon : The wild deep Amazon forest. A green-blue color with high pigment and deep radiance.

Iguana : High coverage and lots of pigment. The summer color of the year. Brings the ghost to lizards

Hot Magenta : As the name says, Magenta but with a bit of neon touch and fluorescent pigments.
Cool Hot and great color.

Go Bananas : Medium coverage. Fun Chic yellow that fits the sun-kissed skin like a glove.

Mandarin Madness : Neon orange that will get you in the mood for pool party, tropical drinks and sunsets.

Instructions for application, built-in nail:
Build the nail in any material: acrylic, gel or Invicta. Shape the nail and dust off with Lilly Nails Dust Brush. Then apply an even and thin layer of Gel Polish and cure for 40 seconds in Lilly Nails UV / LED lamp. Repeat with another layer. Finish with one of our top coats: Top Coat I'm Matte, I'm Glossy or High Shine.

Instructions for application, natural nail:
Prepare the nail with Superbond. Continue with Gel Polish Base / Top or Gel Polish Structure Base to help you shape / build a top. Cure for 40 seconds in Lilly Nails UV / LED lamp. Then apply an even and thin layer of Gel Polish and let it cure for 40 seconds. Repeat with another layer. Apply Gel Polish Base / Top and cure.
Wipe the nail with Cleanser for a shiny result.

Tip! Advise all customers to regularly use the Lilly Nails cuticle oil for a lasting and beautiful result.
10ml oils are available in 10 packs for additional sale in your salon and sold individually in 10 and 40ml plus 100ml for salon use. Available in three delicious scents: Blossom, Citrus and Lily Flower.

*Please note that our Gel Polish and UV/LED lamp have been developed as a system that together guarantees long-lasting results if curing times are followed. We therefore recommend using our Gel Polish together with our UV/LED lamp. Our durability guarantee only applies to this combination.

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