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Let's start by apologizing.
Once you start in the nail profession you will never want to do anything else!
Once you are gripped by the nail virus, it will not let you go!
Nail stylist is a practical, creative and social profession.
The contact with your customers, the countless possibilities,
for example, making people happier/better, working independently,
combining your creativity with your profession.
But also being an entrepreneur, working when it suits you,
for example when the children are at school.
Working from your own home, with low investment costs and
still have a full-fledged business.

No day is the same when you choose this great profession.


In the jungle of training courses, why choose a training course at Lilly Nails?
At Lilly Nails I have almost private lessons.

Lilly Nails gives the acrylic – gel and Invicta training to a maximum of 2 people at the same time
and the Structure base to a maximum of 3 people at the same time,
This enables us to give everyone the attention he/she needs
each student receives the individual guidance he/she needs.

Information about our teachers.
Lilly Nails teachers are required to attend annual training courses
Sweden at the Lilly Nails head office to maintain our teacher license.
The courses in Sweden have been voted the best courses in Scandinavia several times.

Lilly Nails in Purmerend employs 2 teachers.
Both teachers have extensive experience and take additional courses several times a year
training courses at home and abroad to provide you with the latest techniques.

The teachers:

Peggy van Kruijsbergen Anne van Zaanen

We start with theory, this is a basis, we advise you to follow Nail Knowledge or anatomy-pathology
these are both online

Then we will focus on practice and teach you how to use artificial nails
to be placed in a responsible manner so that you do not damage the natural nails.

We work with modules,

  • Structure base (Biab)
  • Module Gel
  • Module Acrylic
  • Module Invicta (polygel)


Structure base (Biab)

The latest craze in nail land.
What is Biab? Biab stands for “Builder in a Bottle”. The name is patented by a brand.
This means that other brands are obliged to give this product a different name. At Lilly Nails this is Structure Base.
This is a strengthening gel from a bottle for the natural nail.
It can be soaked off so that you do not damage the natural nails.
This is currently the most chosen treatment in Dutch nail salons.
After applying the BIAB you can finish the nail with a color gel polish of the customer's choice.
But it is also possible to apply only the Biab.

Acrylic consists of a powder and a liquid, they cannot do anything separately.
Together they form a liquid ball.
The malleable ball is then formed into an artificial nail, which will then harden in the open air.
Acrylic is hard and does not move with the natural nail.
Acrylic is a very strong product that you can use to lengthen your nails and file them into any desired shape.

Gel nails have been known in the Netherlands for a long time,
gel is a pudding-like substance with a high viscosity,
which behaves partly as a liquid and partly as a solid.
Gel is applied to the nail in several layers, you can also polish the nail with gel
lengthen and file into any desired shape.
Gel is and always remains flexible and moves with the natural nail.
Gel only becomes a solid hard structure when you harden it in a UV/LED lamp.

Invicta (polygel)?
Invicta is the latest innovation in the nail industry.
Each brand has given it its own name (due to a patent), one of the other names is polygel.
Lilly Nails developed Invicta.
Invicta is a combination of gel and acrylic, strong, flexible, easy to apply.
This product is a huge addition to the industry because it is odorless and gentler to file
therefore fewer physical complaints. Ideal if, for example, you work in a hair salon,
This product is odorless unlike acrylic.
The Polygel is a “thick” gel, a kind of modeling clay that you work with a brush and a little liquid (Poly liquid).
Because Invicta does not spread and only hardens under a lamp, it is an ideal product to experiment with.
You can practice with it for as long as you want.
Invicta is a flexible product and moves with the natural nail.

When you choose a Module at Lilly Nails, you will receive lifelong support from us.
If you have any further questions after your training, we will continue to support you.


What else do you need to know?

You need a model for each lesson, which you must arrange yourself.
We provide coffee/tea, etc. for you and your model, but you must provide lunch yourself.
If you do not bring this with you, we have 300 meters from our location
a lunchroom where you can get tasty sandwiches or snacks.
We also have a freezer and microwave available.


You can complete Structure Base in 1 week.
Monday & Tuesday evening classes from 6:00 PM until you are ready.
Friday afternoon exam.

Acrylic – Gel – Invicta

3 weeks of lessons on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:00 PM
Week 4 exam.

After registration you will receive an invoice.
The starter package will only be ordered when payment has been received.
We have put together packages for you that you will meet during the training
and even afterwards you can certainly continue with it for some time.


You can follow all modules separately.
Below are the stat packages per module.

For example, if you have done Structure base and then decide to also go with gel
If you do this, you will receive a discount on your tuition fee, which increases per additional module.
The packages have also been adjusted because you already have many products from your 1st starter package.

Costs and duration of the modules


teaching days

price package



Structure base Starter package





Gel Stylist starter pack





Acrylic Stylist Starter Kit





Invicta Stylist Stat Package










Follow-up packages are tailor-made.





The above prices are exclusive of VAT.


Starter package Biab

Starter package Gel

Starter package Acrylic

Starter package Invicta


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