IBX treatment


BHV for nails

B – Protection
H – Recovering
V – Strengthens

If you suffer from splitting, thin or weak nails that break off quickly, then an IBX treatment is the solution!

What is IBX?

IBX is a New & Revolutionary two-part system that serves to repair damaged nails and to make natural nails stronger.

IBX can be used under all soak-off gel products to protect the natural nail. IBX can also be used to make natural nails stronger, so that naturally weak nails can become long without applying an artificial nail!

IBX is one of a kind! This penetrating and strengthening system works inside the nail rather than on top of it. IBX is hardened using a heat and UV lamp and forms a network in the upper layers of the nail that connects these layers together.

The result is a stronger and flexible nail. A nail that can grow long without applying a top coat, but is also protected against the potentially harmful effects of regularly removing gel.

Who is IBX suitable for?

IBX is suitable for women and men who want beautiful, long natural nails, but for whom this was not possible due to an accident or a natural weakness. IBX repairs and strengthens the natural nail and it is colorless and therefore invisible.

IBX is also suitable for those who like to use soak-off gel regularly or always, but have a problem with it because the nails are damaged or vulnerable. IBX repairs and strengthens the nail so that the soak-off gel stays in place better and IBX protects vulnerable nails against any consequences of regularly removing soak-off gel.

How does IBX work?

The nail plate consists of a large number of layers of dead skin cells, which contain the protein keratin. It is the keratin that makes the nail hard. The cells of the nail plate do not form one continuous whole, but there are cavities between them. The nail plate therefore has a spongy structure, a network of keratin with open spaces in between. IBX first penetrates these cavities and then hardens. When hardening, IBX forms a second spongy structure, which is interwoven with the nail plate. IBX only adheres to itself, not to the keratin. The nail plate therefore becomes firmer and less vulnerable, any damage is filled and the nail retains its flexibility. The nail has actually become a better nail.

The first IBX treatment

There is an important difference between the first IBX treatment and all subsequent treatments. That makes sense, because there is already IBX in the nail during follow-up treatments. During the first treatment there is no IBX in the nail and that is why the first treatment is slightly more intensive.

During a first treatment, IBX Repair is always applied once and a layer of IBX twice and you also use the heat source for the first layer of IBX for 4 minutes instead of the normal 2 minutes.

How often do you use IBX?

If you use IBX under soak-off gel, do so every time you remove the gel.

If you use IBX without soak-off gel, the frequency depends on the extent of the damage. As long as there is serious damage, use IBX every week. If the damage is less severe, once every two weeks is sufficient. Once the damage has been repaired, you can keep the nails in good condition by using IBX once every three weeks.

Advantages of IBX:

  • It absorbs into the nail and is therefore invisible on the outside;
  • Reduces white spots;
  • Levels out ridges/grooves;
  • Repairs splitting nails;
  • Repairs flaky nails;
  • Makes weak nails stronger;
  • Improves color and appearance of the nail.

Maintenance of the nails:

You should care for your nails twice a day with Dadi'oil

Dadi' Oil is a nourishing nail oil that is made to provide flexibility, strength and shine to the natural nail, nail products and the cuticle! Dadi' Oil is quickly absorbed and is not greasy. It brings together three certified organic oils. A certified organic oil is a high-quality product from farmers who use sustainable techniques and do not use artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Avocado , Olive and Jojoba oils work together to protect, hydrate and soften. There is Natural Vitamin E (not synthetic tocopheryl acetate) added, a powerful antioxidant. This mixture of 21 essential oils has a pleasant scent.

Therapy Price
IBX treatment 1st time (without other product) €20.00
IBX treatment 2nd time (without other product) €17.50
IBX treatment 1st time in combination with gel polish €45.00
IBX treatment 2nd time in combination with gel polish €42.50