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Lilly Nails Purmerend

You can contact us for all types of artificial nails or natural nail treatments.

You can also contact us for training as a nail stylist. The teachers are trained in Sweden and attend training several times a year to be aware of the latest techniques. We work with a Swedish brand, Lilly Nails, of which we are also an importer for the Benelux.
We have also become a distributor of the Polish brand MakeAR.

And you can get everything from us for the care of your hands and feet. We only work by appointment. There are 3 stylists working at Lilly Nails.

When booking a treatment, please take the following into account. At Lilly Nails we place artificial nails including extensions from the age of 18. Gel polish on natural nails from 16 years.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to make an appointment online.
Call or email [email protected] 0299240003