Lilly Nails team.

Our goal :

We offer top quality products for a good price. Here you will find everything you need for your business.

Lilly Nails is originally from Sweden. It was founded by Maud Sannes in Sweden in 2008.
Her two grandmothers were a great source of inspiration in choosing this name.
One grandmother was a tough business lady and the other was sweet and gentle. The perfect combination if you put all the properties together. They were both called Lilly. When Maud started her own line, the name was therefore quickly chosen. Lilly Nails.

In 2015 I (Peggy) came across Lilly Nails after a search for the perfect color.
Black Cherry, the color everyone is in love with and will remain.
I had no intention of selling it in the Netherlands, I really wanted it myself.
But when I put my two extra purchased jars on Facebook, I had 78 responses within 5 minutes!
I then ordered 100 and I got more and more demand for products from Lilly Nails.
I also worked with the acrylic from Lilly Nails and I still LOVE it.

In April 2016 Maria Mellert (co-owner Sweden) came to me and we decided to bring Lilly Nails to the Netherlands & Belgium.

In September 2016 Wilma Peeters futurenails and Helene van Beelen became pink nails distributors of Lilly Nails.
Lilly Nails Benelux was born with this!
In January 2018 the team was reinforced by Mariska Smid sparklenails
at the end of 2018, Janet Bleijenberg decided to strengthen our team.

In 2020 Sara Cecere has strengthened our team with her arrival and from now on we are also based in Belgium. Sara has a business in Antwerp where she takes care of nails, eyelash, skin care, hair removal, etc.
As soon as the Covid19 restrictions are lifted, Sara will start her educator training in Sweden and you can also contact her for divisions.

All Lilly Nails team members are certified teachers and have all followed training courses in Sweden at Lilly Nails.

Peggy is the importer and has a salon, wholesale / shopping training center in Purmerend,
provides training, workshops works in the salon, shop, wholesale and salon.
Wilma has a salon / shop, webshop and provides nail technician training at Future Nails and is located in Terheijden (near Breda)
Helene has a salon and a webshop.
Mariska has a salon and a webshop and will also provide workshops and training in the future.
Janet has a salon in Lopik and provides practical training and workshops at Lily Nails Benelux in Purmerend.

from left to right:
Mariska, Peggy, Helene, Wilma, Janet.

If you are interested in becoming a Lilly Nails distributor
pay close attention to the locations of the current distributors.
Lilly Nails has the maxim: 1 distributor per province.

Our vision:

We make people look beautiful and feel good.
In addition, you give your salon a beautiful and very professional look with our packaging.
We are unique and very progressive in this.

Our mission:

Become a market leader as a wholesaler / distributor of professional nail products and also offer high-quality training.

Service and customer focus are of paramount importance to us. We therefore strive to solve any problems / complaints satisfactorily. In addition, we are always open to all questions and will answer them as soon as possible.
Do not hesitate to ask questions, we will answer all questions as soon as possible.

Have fun on our page.