Gel polish / Biab


Painting nails is passé. Always wait until the paint is dry and then immediately damage occurs.

This is a thing of the past with Gel Polish, it dries immediately.

Gel polish is a gel-based lacquer that hardens in a UV/LED lamp and therefore remains scratch-resistant for at least 2 to 3 weeks with a beautiful shine. Gel polish is also ideal for the natural nail to give it color and strengthen it. We always start with a layer of structure base, otherwise called BIAB.

It is a short-term treatment for the natural nail with a long-lasting result. Gel polish is also used on artificial nails and has the same long-lasting result. We always start with a layer of structure base, also called BIAB, which gives your nails extra strength.

Therapy Price
Gel polish hands 1 color (biab) €35.00
Reinforcement with structure base No color (biab) €30.00
Combination Gel polish on natural nails hands & feet €60.00
Gel polish Toenails 1 color €35.00
French pedicure €36.50
French manicure with gel polish €36.50