Who are we

We ensure that you are proud of your nails and want to show them to everyone, whether you are a nail biter or have problem nails or just want beautiful well-groomed nails. We take care of it.

When booking a treatment, please take the following into account.
At Lilly Nails we place artificial nails including extensions from the age of 18.
Gel polish on natural nails from 16 years.

Stylist and teacher Peggy van Kruijsbergen (owner)

has been working as a nail stylist since 2008.

She is also a nail styling teacher and importer of the Swedish brand Lilly Nails. This is a European approved brand and meets all the conditions required by the EU. In 2008 she followed the training at young nails and started the salon from home.

In 2015, the Lilly Nails brand came her way and became the importer of Lilly Nails for the Benelux. She follows additional training courses at home and abroad at least twice a year to stay abreast of the latest techniques.

Peggy masters all facets of Gel, Acrylic, Invicta, but has a great passion for natural nails and making them stronger and more beautiful.


Stylist and teacher Anne van Zaanen

Anne completed her training at another company, but since working at Lilly Nails she has followed various training courses and workshops. Anne masters all facets of the Gel Acrylic, Invicta profession. Anne lives for nails. Her passion lies in long nails with neon colors, but she is also good at making baby boom nails, not to mention glitter. In December 2021, Anne completed the teacher training at Lilly Nails Sweden and now also provides training.
You can also contact Anne for eyelash and eyebrow treatments, such as Lashlift.


Stylist Irene Severein

Irene completed her training at Lilly Nails Benelux with a good result. After working in the catering industry for 22 years, she wanted to make a career switch. She fell in love with the nail profession. In 2020 she started the all-round training as a nail stylist.

She has obtained the certificates for gel acrylic and invicta, and has also attended many workshops.

Qoute, “I love what beautiful things you can create on a nail. I think it is an honor to work in the salon and to work with these great products.”

You can also contact Irene for the placement of a dental crystal and a cosmetic pedicure.


General info

We work with the Lilly Nails brand, all these products are EU approved and of high quality.

All Lilly Nails products are Vega and cruelty free.

Hygiene is of paramount importance in our salon, all instruments are disinfected after every customer. We also work with hygienic files, which are files that are used for 1 customer and then removed and thrown away.

In addition to disinfecting all instruments we work with after every customer, the table chair lamps are first cleaned and then disinfected.

We do everything we can to work safely and responsibly.