Gel Brilliant Clear 3 in 1

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Gel Brilliant Clear 3 in 1

This gel is Super Clear and the 3 in 1 name says it all.
3 in 1 gel (base, builder and gloss gels).

* Low viscosity
* no base needed, only ultra bond
* For natural looking nails with a thin application.
* Use as a “brush-on” or as a building gel.
* 3 in 1 gel (base, build and shine)
* Perfect adhesion to the natural nail.
* Color stable, does not yellow.
* Flexible and pinchable.
* Does not spread, therefore more time for modeling and less filing work.
* Also ideal for a French or a Babyboom
* excellent building ability,
* is easy to apply and is self-leveling in building up the nail.
* It leaves a beautiful shine after curing, 2 minutes in the UV lamp, 60 sec in LED.


For professional use only. Made in the EU.

Avoid contact with the skin.
May cause an allergic reaction.


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