Chrome Pen choice of 6 colors

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Lilly Nails Chrome Pen is a chrome in a new flexible format.
This creates a metal finish, just like normal chrome in a jar, and you get a high-gloss surface on the nail.
Use the applicator in the shaft of the pen and apply the chrome of the cap. Simple and without spilling.
All colors have a pinkish look

Choose from six different colors.

Follow these simple steps to achieve the best effect:

1. Build the nail and file into shape.
2. Apply any color and High Shine Top Coat to 1-2 nails at a time. Cure for 60 seconds in UV / LED lamp.
3. Rub the chrome in with the applicator.
4. Cure again for 40 seconds.
5. Finish with a new layer of High Shine Top Coat.

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