Glitter Beige - Gel&Go 15ml, GG25

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Glitter Beige - Gel&Go 15ml, GG25

Is a gel designed for quick salon work. Ideally suited for working with the technique without filing, extending the nails on the form, making the restoration and strengthening the natural nails. It is hard and therefore durable and resistant to damage or external factors. The medium thick consistency and self-leveling make it easy to spread the product without spilling over the cuticles, speeding up the pace of work.

Gel&Go is a product that allows you to easily get the desired shape of the nail, most importantly, it allows you to tighten the tunnel that does not expand. It is 100% opaque, making it perfect as a base for French manicure or to leave the nail covered in gel, without applying hybrid varnish.

Due to its multi-functionality, it can be used both in professional beauty salons and beginners who are just starting to work with gels.

- gel with glitter and holographic foil
- curing time: 2 minutes in UV lamp 1 minute in LED
- thick and flexible
- perfect for the natural nail plate, extending and strengthening nails
- high dispersion - must be washed before applying color or top coat
- coverage of 70-80%
- self-leveling gel
- does not cause combustion in the lamp

Characteristics :
Medium thick consistency
100% opaque, soft when filing
Durable and resistant to damage
Capacity: 15ml,
Marking: Gel&Go
Intended for:
Techniques without sawing,
nail extensions on the mold,
Strengthening natural nails
1 - Prepare the nail as usual
2 - Apply the base or make a gel
3 - Apply the gel and get the desired shape
4 - Apply hybrid nail polish
5 - Apply the top for hybrid varnishes
The product is compatible with all manicure products. LED lamps min. - 1min. UV lamp - 2min.
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Deep color saturation, wide and varied colors and durability made Makear a leader among the existing brands.

Gel&Go by Makear is designed for professional use.

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